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Designed to align the body, mind and spirit with your true self, The Goddess FLow is a hands-on approach to remembering who and what we are as orgasmic women. The course is provided for all types of women regardless of age, culture or economic background.  Referring to feminine sexuality with love, honor and wisdom, we journey closer to the realness which is you.
A freakin Goddess! 


This is your "little girl meets grown ass body" course. From hormonal health, to ways to keep you tight and supple throughout your Golden years, you will learn systems of living so powerful, it will forever change the trajectory of not just you, but that of generations to come.  

⚠️ WARNING This program may not be suitable for everyone...

But aren't you tired of playing the side chick of your life?  You've lost the weight, shop at Wholefoods, now what?  

You know it's time for change. You've been curious for some time now, wondering if all this mind, body stuff really works.  Yoni eggs, waist beads and chakras keep popping up on Facebook groups and Instagram pics. Meditation even sounds like a go, but you're confused if you're doing it right.  And now conversations about transformation and exploring new possibilities in life intrigue the f^#k out of you instead of making you feel uncomfortable like they once did before.  Before your shift happened.


If this resonates with your wanting to explore a deeper part of your experience here on the planet, simply put, you're ready to get dirty and deal with your shift, I invite you today to enroll in the upcoming 7-week The Goddess FLo Masterclass . Learn what it really feels to live and breathe like Goddess. When you open your consciousness to Goddess  embodiment, you open up to a world full of ecstatic moments, infinite possibilities and multiple orgasmic experiences.  All here in this life time! 

ONLY If this feels right in your soul and ONLY if you feel the timing is perfect, I invite you to please  GET STARTED   to schedule your Goddess Flow interview and Consultation with me, Voni. Join this collective of amazing women, a tribe of global SiSTARs in making POWER moves to self-discovery, love and prosperity!

The Goddess FLow Masterclass addresses 4 primary goals: hormonal health( menstrual cycle, PCOS, PMS endometriosis, fibroids), fertility enhancement, sexual response(sex drive) improvement and sacred feminine preservation.  

The Goddess FLow 7-week Masterclass 

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FALL 2018

The Goddess Flow Masterclass ​​
FALL 2018 
enrollmEnt Opens 
August 19th

​ ​7-week Program

Program includes:

The Goddess FLow Ritual KIT

The Goddess FLow Workbook

access to Private Facebook group

Lifetime access to The Goddess FLow Masterclass 


Goddess FLow 

  1. Energy & Ecstasy
    Ecstasy is our birthright and the source of all existence. We start by getting rid of dis-empowering beliefs around pleasure by dismantling the anchors of guilt and fear that have kept you down for to long.
  2. Female Sexual Anatomy
    Review of the classics but not your high school Sex Ed explanation of the female anatomy. We take an in depth tour of female genitalia, pelvic organs, nerves muscles and bones.
  3. Hormonal Harmony
    When you heal your hormones, you improve your quality of life. Our focus will be on how to be in sync with your menstrual cycles, fertility preservation and enhancement and libido restoration and improvement.
  4. Power of Pleasure & Flow
    We have been taught to ignore the pleasures of life as adult women. Fact is, pleasure is the secret to living a gratifying life. This week we learn how to cultivate and elevate sexual energy that flows through our chakras. We use the the juiciness of this energy to manifest the life we desire and dream about.
  5. The Art of Ecstasy
    Now that we have established that pleasure is your birthright and how paramount it is to your overall health and happiness, it is time to create fertile ground in which to nurture your new found skills. There's an art to this Goddess Lifestyle!
  6. Sacred Connection
    It ain't no fun if your partner can't get none! Regardless if you're in a relationship or single lady for the moment, week 6 is all about how to enhance intimacy in relationships in and out of the bedroom.

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I'm Ready

...by consciously attuning ourselves to different frequencies of pleasure, we ignite a vital connection to out womb/Yoni, the house of magnetic/magical power.

Graceful Empowerment